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World Congress of Tricking
Hello to the respectable members of the World Tricking Federation

The World Congress of Tricking has been postponed due to the prevalence of Coronavirus and restrictions.
The date of the
To become part of the ever-growing WFT family, please complete and return the following application form, along with all the prescribed documents, to the WFT office. Your application will be preliminary
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines

WFT members organizing WFT-owned events and programs shall have the right to use the

WFT name and logo for the purposes of advertising and promoting
The Iranian Tricking Association
The Iranian Tricking Association with the brand name of "WTG" has recently become an official member of the World Tricking Federation.
The Iranian Tricking Association is developing and
What is Tricking?
This is Tricking
Girl Tricking photo

The Meaning of Movements in Tricking

The Meaning of Movements in Tricking

Movements or tricks in Tricking,include combination of 3 movement categories:

▪                Kicks

▪                Flips

▪                Twists

In Tricking, almost all of the flips and twists end up or turn to kicks,and this is the main difference between Tricking and Gymnastics. Tricking movements (tricks)are based on martial arts, actually Tricking’s basis is martial arts; so, it had better end up or combine the movements(tricks)with kicks to show that Tricking is different from Gymnastics.

In Tricking we can start a combo with whatever we like,but the end had better finish with kicks (or perform kicks through the combo) to show the nativity and martial artist character of Tricking.

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