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World Congress of Tricking
Hello to the respectable members of the World Tricking Federation

The World Congress of Tricking has been postponed due to the prevalence of Coronavirus and restrictions.
The date of the
To become part of the ever-growing WFT family, please complete and return the following application form, along with all the prescribed documents, to the WFT office. Your application will be preliminary
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines

WFT members organizing WFT-owned events and programs shall have the right to use the

WFT name and logo for the purposes of advertising and promoting
The Iranian Tricking Association
The Iranian Tricking Association with the brand name of "WTG" has recently become an official member of the World Tricking Federation.
The Iranian Tricking Association is developing and
What is Tricking?
This is Tricking
Girl Tricking photo

Protest committee

Protest committee

The committee works matched with tournaments committee and judgment committee. This committee is assigned to observe the 5 judges of the battle. It includes 5 members.

This committee has to announce it’s judgment after the 5 battle judges. There are 2 boards in front of each committee’s members: Red and Green. When the all 5 committee members take up the red board, the battle judges’ votes are cancelled and attendees have to battle another round.

Protest committee members take the boards up using their right hand. None of the judges have the right to speak with each other or consult before, after, or during the battle (Neither protest committee judges nor battle judges); If seen, the Tournaments committee can react or change the judges if needed.

After each battle and battle judges’ votes, the Protest committee members can vote. And only if all the 5 committee members show red board, the battle has to continue another round. Otherwise, the battle judges votes are accepted.

When all 5 battle judges vote draw, the protest committee does not need to vote and the battle has to continue another round. This pattern continues until judges vote one as the winner.

Each battle includes 3 rounds; means each tricker has 3 opportunities to showcase and battle. The one who starts the battle is determined via tossing a coin by the referee which the tricker

chooses the coin side himself.

After finishing each battle, the attendees stand on the left and right sides of the referee; then main judges vote.

Middle judge has no right to interfere in main judges or protest committee’s judgment.

*  Note: Battle starts including 3 rounds, but if judges vote draw, one other round will be added.

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