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World Congress of Tricking
Hello to the respectable members of the World Tricking Federation

The World Congress of Tricking has been postponed due to the prevalence of Coronavirus and restrictions.
The date of the
To become part of the ever-growing WFT family, please complete and return the following application form, along with all the prescribed documents, to the WFT office. Your application will be preliminary
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines
WFT Name and Logo Usage Guidelines

WFT members organizing WFT-owned events and programs shall have the right to use the

WFT name and logo for the purposes of advertising and promoting
The Iranian Tricking Association
The Iranian Tricking Association with the brand name of "WTG" has recently become an official member of the World Tricking Federation.
The Iranian Tricking Association is developing and
What is Tricking?
This is Tricking
Girl Tricking photo

World Federation Tricking (WFT)



What is Tricking?


Tricking is a complete combination of martial arts and gymnastics. It is a free-style sport. The structure of this sport is different with all the classical and formal martial arts such as Taekwondo, karate and gymnastics. This sport is geared towards free and professional sports due to its nature of free-style. Tricking does not move toward classical and amateur sports that are in the framework of the rules of the International Olympic Committee (ioc), since the rules of the Tricking tournaments are not limited, and unlike the Olympic sports, It does not have electronic refereeing system, and this sport, as a freestyle sport, can not move and organize in the form of Olympic sports.

Most free-style sports due to their freedom of structure could not findlegal identityin the world. And athletes of these sports are always objecting the lack of support for these sports and athletes in these fields, while free-style sports such as the Tricking has gathered young talents around and brings a beautiful and joyful time for athletes in this field.


World Federation Tricking (WFT)


About the WFT Federation:

The WFT Federation has been established to promote the beautiful Tricking sport among different nationalities in the men’s and women’s community, without any political, cultural, racial or religious affiliations.

The WFT Federation plans to organize Tricking sports in the world and support its athletes in the financial and insurance aspects.

The WFT Federation has no financial orcommercial objectives, and issimply establishedto form a public sporting approach in order to extend public sport among young people.

The WFT Federation plans to introduce the world of martial arts and dramatic arts to families in a different and more beautiful way.

The WFT Federation will host all of Tricking International Championships free of charges with the presence of sponsors.

The WFT Federation will grant nations the representation for organizing Tricking sport and support athletes in this field for free.

The WFT Federation gives the elite and genius athletes a chance to register for the Tricking Congress and take a seatand also taking a responsibility in the federation’s main body with free registration and will be accepted if they are qualified.

The WFT Federation is open to correspondence and engagement with governmental and private institutionsthroughout the world to expand and support the Tricking sport and athletes in this field.

The WFT Federation will maintain the nature of the Tricking sport indigenously and freely, the federation does not have  merely championship goals and the classical and formal formation of this sport, and the main goal of this federation is to organize and legalize Tricking sport and support Tricking athletes.

 The WFT Federation will do its utmost effort to legalize the Tricking sport and its athletes around the world in public and private institutions.

The WFT federation will do its utmost effort  to introduce all Tricking’s elite athletes to the general public and to the legal community.

The WFT Federation will do its utmost effort  to introduce all the activebrands in holding Tricking competitions on its official website to support the organizers of these events.

The WFT Federation has been established to compete with other federations and sports organizations around the world to gain support from the legal community.

The WFT Federation was founded by some scholars and experts in various fields of science in sport with the approach of expanding the sport of Tricking in the field of public sports and introducing this sport to legal bodies to support athletes in this field.


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